7 elements of a successful employer brand

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Employer branding is an organisation’s ability to create a unique identity and promote it to a clearly defined group of potential and current employees.


It’s the way a company is perceived in the market by both candidates and its employees. In other words, it’s a combination of characteristics that make up a company’s reputation and differentiate it from other employers out there.


7 elements of successful employer branding


Successful employer branding consists of 7 essential elements:


Company culture icon  Company culture - which is the personality of an organisation and includes its work environment, company mission, values, goals and expectations.


Brand advocates icon  Brand advocates and ambassadors - basically current employees who talk about their company online and offline. 


Career website icon  Career website/page - while an average candidate checks around 18 different sources to learn more about a potential employer,  a career page is the first and most frequently viewed source of information.


Job ads icon  Job ads - these are a candidate’s first impression of your company so they need to reflect your brand in a way that encourages them to apply for a job with your company.


Social media icon  Social media and online presence - this is the most convenient and accessible place to showcase and promote your employer brand.


Awards icon  Awards - it’s the most straight-forward way to show something tangible as “proof” of your words and promises to your employees.


Candidates care icon  Candidate care - a poor candidate experience will negatively impact on your employer brand - both successful & unsuccessful applicants should have a positive experience during the recruitment process.


Why should you care?


There are 3 main benefits of having a strong employer brand:



1. It will help you attract the best talent 

2. It will lead to the reduction of your overall hiring costs 

3. It will improve your retention rate


A well thought-out and strong employer brand will make your employees proud to be a part of your organisation. Belonging to a community and working for a company that reflects their values are some of the top factors that increase employee motivation and job satisfaction. The more your current employees talk positively about working for your company; the more great candidates will visit your career site! Having a strong employer brand means that potential candidates will actively search for your company to apply for available positions and this will pay dividends in the long run!


If you'd like to know more about how RPO could help to strengthen your employer brand, contact us via this form to arrange an informal chat. Our experts will be happy to talk you through different possibilities and help you evaluate if recruitment outsourcing is something that could suit your business. 

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