The Anatomy of a Gen Z Candidate

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18 traits of Generation Z - find out what makes iGen so different to millennials.

Gen Z is starting to enter the workforce  and while it's believed that they will transform the future workforce, there is still a lot that researchers, marketers and companies have to learn about them. 

What do we know about Gen Z so far?

Born between 1996 and 2012, they are the first generation to spend their entire adolescence with a smartphone, hence their nicknames such as Digital Natives, Gen Wii and the iGeneration.  The infographic below based on research conducted by by The Center For Generational Kinetics, paints a picture of the Gen Z candidate and shows you what you can expect from your future graduate hires.


The anatomy of a gen Z candidate


19 traits of Gen Z candidates:

  • They earn their own spending money from young age.

  • They actually work all the way through college. 

  • iGen is more focused on work than millennials were at the same age.

  • GenZ candidates want to work in fun environment.

  • A flexible working schedule is their priority.

  • 12% of Gen Z are already saving for their retirement; 35% will start saving in their 20s.

  • Many Gen Z have learned about finance from their parents and want to avoid debt at all cost.

  • They love YouTube, Instagram & Netflix.

  • They are fond of money and payment apps.

  • Gen Z boys want to spend money on products while Gen Z girls on experiences.

  • They make purchasing decisions based on input from family and friends.

  • But they still check online ratings and reviews and can be influenced by their findings.

  • They have a practical mindset grounded in reality and can be seen as less optimistic than millennials.

  • They consider “communication” to be the most important soft skill.

  • Gen Z spend more time on their smartphones than on laptops or PCs.

  • Health conscious - wellbeing is of a high importance

  • They're sugar conscious and love "adventurous" food

  • More likely to place high value on time with their family than their friends

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