Ebook For Navigating The Tech Employment Market in Singapore

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Download our latest ebook that outlines the landscape of IT employment market and offer tools for navigating its challenges.

Singapore has established itself as an undisputed technology capital in Asia; a “miniature Silicon Valley” as HPE’s CEO described it. Eighty of the top hundred tech companies in the world have a presence in Singapore which, in turn, attracts some of the sharpest and brightest tech talent. However, being a tech hub in Asia means that the demand for IT professionals is intense, and so is the competition for the top talent. 


A company’s ability to sustain innovation, competitive advantage and development is dependent on their access to the best ICT talent. At the same time, the ever accelerating pace of change in areas such as AI, big data, machine learning and cybersecurity affects every company, regardless of the service or product they offer.


Through the insights that we have gained by working with many of the leading tech companies in Singapore, we have compiled this ebook that provides an overview of the booming ICT recruitment landscape and offers tools and tips for navigating its challenges.





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