Generation Challenge - The retention of Millennials

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I was recently interviewed by The Global Recruiter to discuss how professionals’ needs have evolved over the years within the financial services sector, and more specifically how these needs have changed between Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials).

In recent years, dealing with Millennials’ increasingly sophisticated needs has been a big topic for employers. In this group it seems that retaining talent has become more and more challenging. This trend has been shaping the present recruitment market for employers and also for external recruiters.  

In the interview I was able to share some key learnings gained over my years of experience in recruitment - from interaction and conversations with clients, as well as from working practices and experiences within my own business. I hope the article might help some employers further understand the issue of Millennial talent retention as they seek to understand some of the most important aspects that are essential to Millennial's job satisfaction. 

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