How to boost your sourcing during peak hiring times

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Are you experiencing sudden or seasonal hiring spikes? Here are some strategies you could incorporate within your business to boost effectiveness of your sourcing tactics.

Ensuring that your organisation has sufficient resources in terms of employees is an ongoing challenge every business faces but things get increasingly difficult when it comes to peak times of hire where there are seasonal surges in the demand for staff. The following are some strategies you could incorporate within your business to accommodate this.


Have a talent pipeline in place


Talent pipeline


Talent pipelines are a critical part of any recruitment strategy. This involves building a talent pool of passive prospective jobseekers, including those who you have worked with previously. Building an effective talent pipeline requires a company shift from reactive to proactive recruiting. It involves constant forward thinking about the needs of the company and who you will or may need to hire in the future, not just now. Talent pipelines require you to actively build a relationship and nurture potential and relevant candidates. This then means when time comes to seasonally hire, the search for talent doesn’t have to start from scratch and this can drastically improve hiring speed and reduce lack of resources during your business’s busy season. Easy ways to build up your talent pipeline include encouraging previous candidates who may not have been successful in your hiring process to join your company’s talent community. They showed interest in the first place, so who’s to say they won’t be interested again?


Agree on a clear hiring structure and process


Having a clear hiring structure and process in mind means that you can speed up the hiring process and move candidates down the line as quickly as possible. It also means that no important steps from the hiring process are lost due to time constraints, such as giving applicants feedback at each stage, as not doing this could damage your reputation in the long run. You can also use technology to speed up the process even further. There are plenty of options out there at the moment, such as:

  • automating some parts of the process,
  • scheduling and recording interviews,
  • using simple techniques such as using Skype to interview people based in different locations.


Tip on hiring

Implement referral schemes


Referral schemes are a great incentive to have in place, especially when you have a spike in hiring demands, as it generally results in an influx of candidates being brought to your attention, and chances are employees at your organisation will have a general of what you are looking for as a business.


TIP: You can and should make the referral schemes as creative and innovative as possible.


Research shows that getting a referral is a cheaper, faster way to hire. A great referral programme will do the work for you during seasonal peaks. Generally a referred candidate is faster to hire than a traditional one, and the hiring process needs to be as fast as possible when it comes to filling a large demand. They also tend to get on better with the onboarding process, as they have a friend or at least an acquaintance who they can go to with questions and to help them integrate more efficiently into the company. Referred candidates also tend to stay longer at a company, perhaps due to the above reasons also.

Money is often used as an incentive for schemes like this and works well, but other options could be:

  • tickets for an event,
  • additional time off,
  • complimentary meal at a restaurant, 
  • a gift voucher.


Consistently measure and review

You should constantly be working to measure and review to see where you can speed up and improve the hiring process during seasonal spikes. For example, if you generally have three rounds of interviews, you could allow some applicants who do particularly well in the first round jump to the third round automatically to streamline the process. This also allows you to consistently collect data as you interview and hire, and adjust your standardized interview process where possible.


tip on people analytics


The standardized interviewing process is so critical here, as it allows for fast alterations/adjustments in reaction to changes as they occur.


Outsource it

If the above seem like complex tasks which you may not have the time or resources for at your business at the moment, then you could always outsource your recruitment needs during seasonal hiring spikes. Outsourcing your recruitment during these busy periods can ensure that your focus can remain on the business, that your company keeps up with demand, and by using a specialised recruitment company you will most likely improve the quality of your hires, therefore reducing costs and turnover rate.

If you'd like to know more about outsourcing your recruitment on a project basis, watch this short animated video:



To conclude, finding the right people on time is crucial for your business. There’s a war on talent right now which makes it harder than ever before to quickly source, screen, hire and onboard good customer service agents and managers. You should consider using some of the above methods to avoid issues related to failing to fill your business’ vacancies on time.


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