How to build an agile working culture

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What does it take to effectively introduce agile working into the workplace?

An agile working style is increasingly recognised as a crucial element of a modern and competitive business. This is because implementing the agile principles into the workplace allows organisations to become more adaptive, innovative, productive and resilient.

What does it take to effectively introduce this new working style? The agile workplace can only be built on the foundation of agile way of thinking or in other words, on agile culture. The culture of agility can be created with the right methodology, technology and a set of skills and traits that allow the new working style to become more sustainable long term. 

In practice, the success of failure of agile approach depends on the ability to cultivate, drive, support and protect agile values by the leadership teams. There are four main values that constitute a basis for any agile organisation:


1. The individuals and human interactions are more important than processes and tools.


2. Using work management software is crucial and should replace long and descriptive documents and spreadsheets.


3. Collaboration is more important than negotiation with your customers.


4. It’s crucial to be responsive to what’s happening rather than blindly following a rigid plan.


While there are no set step-by-step instructions that could guarantee to help your organisation become an agile company, the tips outlined above will support you on your way to achieving an agile culture. 

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