How to get the most out of your RPO provider

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Downloaded our FREE guide on how to manage your relationship with RPO provider to ensure that your expectations & goals are met.

When an organization decides to outsource their recruitment needs, they are entering into a partnership that should result in cost reduction as well as an overall improvement of the hiring process. An RPO provider should act as an extension of the company’s internal talent acquisition team as the program is usually designed to address any needs and issues that are unique to that business. Organisations engaging in an RPO solution have a distinct advantage in that this approach allows them to create a function which adds value to the overall organisation, offers a superior candidate experience as well as driving efficiency on an ongoing basis.


Yet, how much a company can gain through their RPO partnership will often depend on how they manage the relationship with their provider. This ebook will talk you through the 6 steps to get the most out of your RPO programme with a special focus on:

  • Agreeing goals

  • Selecting KPIs

  • Building strong relationship with your supplier




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