How graduate recruitment outsourcing works

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When recruiting emerging talent, an organisation can receive high volumes of applications. Many of the graduate recruitment cycles will occur in a very short period of time which can be costly, time-consuming and put a huge strain on in-house hiring teams. Yet, due to the volume of candidates that organisations come in to contact with, providing a positive experience is crucial for the reputation of the hiring company.


This is why many organisations choose to outsource their graduate recruitment to external providers. The execution of the process will differ slightly depending on the vendor providing the service. What’s more, the hiring company’s unique values and requirements should also determine different elements of the process. That being said, an average graduate recruitment outsourcing process will include these 5 components outlined below.

5 parts of the graduate recruitment process


1. Identifying your recruitment needs


In the first stage of the process, your graduate recruitment process outsourcer will look to gain a greater understanding of your organisation’s values, skills you are looking for, and the general goals you might have in relation to your talent acquisition as well as business objectives. With this information, your provider can begin to craft a tailored programme designed to meet your specific requirements and to match your internal processes.


2. Reaching the right talent

The second phase of the process is all about the implementation of the plan. At this stage, the team working on your program will aim to attract the most relevant candidates and encourage them to apply for your graduate programme.


In order to achieve that, your provider might choose to use any of the following methods: campus based campaigns, tailored job advertisements, social media sourcing and any other techniques relevant to your audience.


3. Screening of the applications


Once the applications begin arriving, your dedicated team will begin the thorough screening process. The content of the applications will be reviewed and evaluated as the recruitment specialists will look to establish the potential of each candidate in relation to your business needs. Candidates that are found to be suitable would then often be subject to a preliminary phone screen, to gain a greater understanding of their profile and suitability.


4. Assessment centres and testing


In this stage, the candidates would attend an assessment centre that should be facilitated by your service provider. The graduates may undergo a series of tests, group exercises and face to face interviews. These tasks will show the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates in the process, which will allow to further determine their suitability for both the role and the organisation. From these candidates, the shortlist of the strongest candidates will be created.


5. Selecting & regretting


The shortlisted candidates will be presented to your in-house hiring team. At this point, your team might choose to either extend an offer to chosen candidates or to arrange another round of interviews with the candidates to meet personally. The outsourcing company will coordinate the entire process including arranging and preparing for interviews on behalf of the hiring organisation. It is also a provider’s responsibility to handle the unsuccessful candidates at each stage in the process in a timely, friendly and transparent manner. This is to ensure that the organisation maintains a positive image and offers a positive experience for the candidates.


Final comments

The outsourcing process for graduate recruitment is one which is designed to effectively maintain and screen hundreds of applications and to produce an ideal candidate. Laid out in a stage by stage flow, it is clear to see that it has been streamlined for effectiveness and to reduce time wastage. Furthermore, it's important that the overall graduate recruitment process is beneficial for the organisation who are hiring, but it's also crucial that the process is one which offers a positive experience to the graduates who took part in the application process. Creating a positive brand image is a crucial element of running an effective graduate recruitment campaign.


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