How to hire women into tech

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There are some simple steps HR departments can take to hire more women into tech roles and into tech companies.

A diverse workplace is proven to generate better results. It also reflects your customer base  more accurately. Hiring more women in the tech industry could create a healthier and more creative workplace. This is not just anecdotal, there are numerous studies to prove it. 

-> According to Gallup, companies with more diverse teams (that includes more women on Executive boards) have a 22% lower turnover rate.

-> As highlighted in the McKinsey’ Diversity Matters report, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% are more likely to see their financial returns reach above the respective national industry averages.

-> As explained in “The case for investing in women” paper, Fortune 500 companies that have a minimum of 3 women directors have seen a minimum of 66% increase in ROI.

Despite this and similar findings, only 5% of all leadership positions in tech are held by women. What’s more, while the number of female employees in large tech companies has improved, right now only 20% of those women hold tech positions.

So what measures could you implement to attract and retain more female tech professionals? Here are the tried and tested strategies to consider.


1. Include women in the hiring process

According to Forbes, female candidates are more likely to accept a job offer if there was at least one woman present at the interview panel. It allows women to see, experience and ask questions about the levels or aspirations of the company in the area of diversity. What’s more, having female senior leaders will also increase the probability of more women applying for your tech jobs.

2. Double-check job descriptions

If your job postings are not generating many female applicants, you may want to review those for unconscious gender bias. The way a job is described has a huge impact on the type of candidates who apply. 

For instance, data suggest that words such as assertive, aggressive or independent might put off women from filling in application. Using words such as dedicated, sociable and conscientious might have the opposite effect. 

3. Maternity leave and similar benefits

Offering good maternity leave benefits, return to work schemes or job sharing on senior positions would improve your retention while also being an effective recruitment tactic. Offering competitive maternity leave packages will minimize expenses related to having to replace employees and will attract more diverse workforce.

4. Speak louder about your commitment to diversity

Openly talk about your commitment to diversity on your website. Make a clear and simple statement explaining what diversity means to your organisation and how you approach the subject of inclusion within your organisation. Include any internal statistics, goals, policies and actions you take to ensure a healthy, inclusive and diverse workforce. 

Tip: make sure that your images and graphics on the website, social media and other marketing materials showcase a diverse workforce.



These are only some of the strategies you can employ to attract more women into tech roles and into tech organisations. From supporting work-life balance to hiring practices that revolve around diversity and inclusion, there is a lot that can be done. Building diverse workforce can take time, however, you will quickly begin to see the positive results of your efforts. 



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