[Infographic] How does talent pooling work?

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Here is everything you can and should expect when you outsource your talent pooling.

In my previous blog post I explained what talent pooling is and if you still have any doubts, I'd encourage you to watch this animated video to find out more. Today, I would like to show you how talent pooling works in practice.


In order to build and effectively manage talent pool, an organisation needs:

  • the right infrastructure, 
  • resources (including human resources),
  • market knowledge,
  • technology,
  • ongoing commitment.


This infographic shows how all the above resources are used in the process of building a talent pool and how the talent pooling projects are designed and executed:


How talent pooling works


If you’d like to find out more about talent pooling, please get in touch with me through this form and  I will arrange for one of our experts to contact you directly.

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