The Pros and Cons of Project Recruitment

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Project recruitment brings all the benefits of comprehensive recruitment outsourcing to specific and urgent hiring initiatives: scalability and market expertise backed by leading-edge technology.

What is a recruitment project?

Sometimes referred to inversely as 'project recruitment', put simply, a recruitment project is a project to recruit specific roles or skill sets for an urgent hiring initiative which in turn defines the timespan upon which the recruitment absolutely must deliver.


Choose your project recruitment elements: sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing


A project-based recruitment solution is also highly adaptable to your needs. Essentially it unbundles the components of a full recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution so you can access the elements that you need:

  • sourcing
  • recruiting
  • screening
  • interviewing


Although recruitment projects are generally oriented towards meeting urgent and specific short-term hiring needs, they can have longer-term benefits, such as the availability of a candidate database (a talent pool) for future use once the project itself has concluded.


Moreover, with a Build & Transfer Project you also acquire a team of talent acquisition specialists, who are already fully familiar with your company, its culture, and your hiring requirements, to stay with you in-house.


The benefits of recruitment projects?


✓ Quickly build niche teams and capabilities

✓ Leverage multinational resources to find the right candidates even for difficult-to-fill positions

✓ Access scalable resources, giving you added control over the project budget and schedule

✓ Solutions customised to your precise needs

✓ Enhance quality of hire

✓ Reduce backlogs and time-to-hire for establishing new teams or specific initiatives such as new product launches

✓ Eliminate fixed overhead and avoid redundancy costs

✓ Receive regular updates on specific objectives and achievements

✓ Improve your employer brand image in the employment marketplace

✓ Access passive as well as active candidates

✓ Acquire a talent database helping you to fill future vacancies after project completion

✓ Acquisition of an experienced in-house TA team (Build & Transfer projects)

✓ Combine with other services such as onboarding to increase retention


These benefits can be reasonably assured if the service provider has the appropriate in-house research capability which sets it apart from competitors in terms of quality of data and market insight. Without these there are some inherent risks.


And the risks to project recruitment?


  • Inadequate definition of roles and objectives can lead to time wastage or inappropriate placements
  • A service provider who raises unrealistic expectations, with a knock-on effect for business operations
  • Unreasonable expectations on cost of hire – these should be realistically agreed up front
  • Quality of recruitment is sacrificed to hit targets (e.g. poor cultural fit)
  • Corners cut in the process, damaging the employee brand


In short, an urgent need to fill multiple vacancies should not be used as a justification for hasty (as opposed to rapid) hiring.


We can eliminate these risks based on our experience in assembling solutions for our clients – often at very short notice – and delivering a highly customised yet agile and responsive service for them. We do not stint on quality or resources to ensure that we deliver to the highest possible standards, because exceptional service will always bring long-term relationships.


Our global reach and scale, supported by a centralised sourcing and data services, means that we can deliver a recruitment project service in a host of markets around the world, across a broad range of skill sets and candidate profiles.

If you'd like to learn more about project recruitment, get in touch now to schedule an informal chat with one of our experts.


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