Why you should stop calling me a millennial

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I wish! I am well over 30, a wife, a mother and a senior leader in a global business who firmly believes that we need to move away from the negative stereotyping of a generation who "dare to be different".

I am beginning to wonder is it with a small degree of envy that this term has been coined by an older generation?

Thinkhouse Youth Lab published a Youth Culture Uncovered report which outlines what today's 16 to 35 year-olds care about.  

First of all comes happiness, next travel and food is considered a status symbol. They live and spend for now, they want a job that gives back to society and to work in a company whose values match theirs. Job titles and large salaries are way down the list. They value friends and family as influencers while Heads of Church, Heads of State and traditional media are viewed least favourably.

They are cautious with their money, spending less and are canny shoppers. They want brands to be fair and ethical and want to be excited and delighted about a product via social media channels before they purchase.

They know they have to grow up at some point but want to seize and explore life's opportunities as they arise.

In short 16 - 35 year olds are thrilled to be alive, excited to be living in a world that is changing and is offering a myriad of possibilities in terms of experience and products. They are thoughtful about the environment and are appreciative that they may have more than others in society and are willing to give a little of their own "wealth" to help a cause. They are without a doubt a challenge to sell to and to communicate with given the plethora of social media channels that their attention spans.

Surely, no matter what age you are, you too must remember that at some point you were part of a generation that "dared to be different" from the last, who challenged all the accepted "status quos" and who wanted a life that was exciting and different from your parents and previous generations.

So let’s give up the phrase 'millennials'  and talk about the next generation in the positive terms which they deserve!


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