Tips for attracting AI Talent

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How can you locate and attract the top searched for talent? What can you do to convince them to join your business? Here are some tips that can help.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a quickly developing field. As it grows, AI is eliminating jobs that can be replaced by technology, but it is also creating just as many new jobs. This is why the shortage of talent in the area of AI is not surprising. This is not limited solely to technical specialists as organisations are also on the lookout for  AI-savvy functional specialists in every area of the business. So how can you locate and attract the top searched for talent? What can you do to convince them to join your business? Here are some tips that can help.


1. Partner up with colleges

Universities, schools and colleges are a valuable source of top AI talent, especially considering the number of new AI-focused courses and modules available to students. If you’re looking to build a talent pool, promote your employer brand and simply gain a quick access to top talent, consider partnering up with specific facilities or sponsoring student projects.


2. Upskill your current employees

Numerous quality online and offline AI courses are available and affordable. While it is not an immediate solution to your hiring requirement, it will help you build a strong team in a long-term. Additionally, it will benefit your employer brand in the area of learning and development and it may create an opportunity for some of your current staff to further progress their career in your business. 


3. Invest in a top AI leader

Having one of the top AI specialists on board will work as a magnet for attracting new and aspiring AI talent. An opportunity to work with established experts will be welcomed by more junior talent looking to progress their career and learn from the best. Having at least one, experienced and accomplished AI leader will not only speed up the progress you make in the area but it is also an effective hiring tool.


4. Outsource AI services

Outsourcing AI is one option many are seriously considering as it offers numerous benefits. From gaining access to global talent pools in the area of AI to being able to work with specialists who executed similar projects before, it is an appealing solution to many businesses. However, it won’t solve all your AI-related challenges as the business will still require employees capable of benefiting from the new approach and technologies.


5. Outsource the recruitment of your team

There are several different recruitment outsourcing models available and some of them can be built specifically to address an organisation’s hiring needs in a niche space such as AI or tech. In practice, an outsourcing provider temporarily “becomes” a part of their client’s in-house hiring team bringing in their industry experience, technology and their networks. 


Here is a practical example of how recruitment outsourcing can help you gain access to top talent with emerging tech skills:

Final piece of advice

When the recruitment process starts to come to an end, it’s likely your potential candidate will have multiple offers to choose from. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind that as much as the candidate has to match your requirements, your business needs to meet their expectations as well. To ensure this happens, talk your candidates through the importance of their role in the business, explain the impact they can make and show them how it will reflect your mission and values. 

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