What was the impact?

Awareness of the company's EVP on the market

Building brand awareness is therefore an important element in establishing a regional talent pool in a new geography.

The solution

Talent pooling helps a company to establish relationships with a pool of potential candidates who offer the precise competence sets that best suit the employer’s needs. Building a talent pool is an effective way for recruiters to build reputation and ensure that a constant flow of candidates is available when needed.

M3S engaged with 3,500 potential candidates, explaining the corporate culture and benefits of a career with the client, which is not only strongly committed to learning and development, but is also well positioned to offer many growth opportunities, including the possibility to move geographically, functionally, laterally and vertically.

In addition to the strong financial benefits offered to employees, the company sets a very high value on its connections to patients and caregivers, employee empowerment, diversity and inclusion, as well as philanthropic initiatives. It is also highly family-oriented and committed to work-life balance: factors that have a strong appeal in Ireland.

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